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Residential Construction

Steel Framed Home

Steel Framed Homes

Midstate Builders specializes in building steel-framed homes. A licensed engineer stamps every steel frame to simplify approval when building. Steel framing is accepted by all codes and by the new international residential and building codes, the IRC and IBC.

Advantages of Steel Framing

• Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any framing materials.
• The strength of steel provides more safety in the event of a thunderstorm, tornado, earthquake or hurricane.
• Steel is 100% recyclable.
• The price of steel varies less than other building materials, making it the most cost-effective building material in the market today.
• Steel can be made into longer spans, which allows for higher ceilings and more open floor plans.

Steel Framed House

Interior of Residential Structure
Chitwood Residence, New Franklin

Wood Framed Homes

Wood is the most commonly used product nationwide when it comes to building homes. Wood is easily customized on site, and allows changes in design during construction with less delay than steel. With either choice of materials, Midstate Builders is committed to building a top quality home that is designed for your specific needs.

"We highly recommend Midstate Builders. Their high standards and quality workmanship shine through in the finished product. They were always accessible, dependable, and a true pleasure to work with while constructing our home."

Jerry & Donna Pescaglia
Owners of the Home on the Right

Completed Residential Home
Pescaglia Residence, Rocheport